about Our Farm

The Farm Animal Rescue of Maine is a non profit animal rescue and sanctuary. We are dedicated to provide a stable and loving environment to a variety of farm animals. Our farm is open to abused or neglected animals, as well as animals that can no longer be cared for. Our focus is compassion and care, providing solutions to those in need while enhancing education among our community.


The Farm Animal Rescue of Maine exists to provide love and safety to farm animals.

With a decline in traditional farming and homesteading, these once valued assets now find themselves in auctions, where they are severely mistreated and sold without conscience. They are neglected and go uncared  for due to incompetence or lack of value. They are abandoned into environments that cannot sustain their well-being.  While the majority of this happens due to a lack of compassion and understanding, there are also cases of loved farm animals finding themselves in the same situation. 

Due to the high level of care and maintenance required, too often, a family illness or hardship will force these beloved beings to be re-homed, sold, or simply given away. Inevitably they can find themselves in a kill pen being sold with an undetermined future.

The F.A.R.M. provides a solution to those that may find themselves in need.

We offer sanctuary to those animals that find themselves forever changed, whether emotionally or physically. So many times abused or neglected animals loose the value of trust among humans. We will provide them the care that they may need to overcome these obstacles and learn the true meaning of compassion. 

We offer rescue for the ones that need a helping hand. Through our respected adoption process, these once lost souls can find solace in the hands of capable and understanding community members that are willing to open their doors and hearts to them. This is the ultimate outcome that we strive for.  To find a perfect match for an otherwise imperfect situation gives us the ultimate satisfaction. 

We offer options to those families that can no longer care for a beloved member of their animal family.  This is not only the most heartbreaking of situations but also the most common. It is no secret the amount of work and financial support that these animals must receive. When a family finds themselves in a situation that dictates that a choice must be made, we are here to help.  We can offer a safe and caring environment for them to re-home their animals to. We can also help to make arrangements to temporarily provide assistance until they are able to get back on their feet.

The F.A.R.M. is located on a 6 acre property in beautiful South Berwick, Maine. The original home was built in the 1890's and operated as a working farm. The land was kept and maintained for and by the animals that lived here.  We feel it is our responsibility to continue on this tradition, allowing the animals to be the ones that get to enjoy it.